7E's pay provides a range of payroll services, from traditional umbrella PAYE to umbrella for drivers.

we will take care of your payroll and other administration, leaving you with more time to concentrate on the work that really matters.

Once you’ve signed up you effectively become an employee of 7E's Pay. You will have an employment contract and benefit from all of the same employment rights as other permanent employees. You will be able to carry out multiple short-term contracts with less overall risk.

At we provide our employees with a number of important services, including:

  • Collecting payments from agencies on your behalf

  • Helping you claim allowable business expenses

  • Processing your payslip and making sure you get paid on time

  • Keeping you compliant with the latest tax regulation updates and the HMRC

  • Our employees can come from a broad range of sectors including:

    • Construction

    • Transport/logistics

    • Engineering

    • IT and telecoms

    • Health and social care

    • Education

    • Legal